[CF Devotionals] 2014-04-15 - Feathers

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Recently, at the end of a volunteer work day, I was relaxing on our wonderful sofa, which is so therapeutic for my back. All of a sudden, I heard a very light tapping sound, almost imperceptible. Since part of our land is wooded, it entered my head that after almost a decade, a mouse had finally figured out how to break into our home. Richard couldn’t hear the sound, so I asked him to sit exactly where I was, to “recreate the crime scene.”

It sounded like the sound was coming from inside the sofa! So no matter what it would turn out to be, it was quite unnerving.The sofa is large, with six pillows, and he gingerly lifted up each one, only to find a loose feather sticking out of sofa number six. The lone feather was right under an air conditioning vent, which in turn bumped it onto a piece of paper - so the feather was being blown about, by the current. All that excitement, over a simple feather! (And yes, I do feel horrible about the way ducks are plucked, and if I had realized the pillows were stuffed with down, I wouldn’t have bought them!)

Isn’t it that way in our Christian lives, as well? All it takes is a little sin, to “snowball” into more serious ones. Or a little anxiety that increases to the point of sleeplessness and sometimes immobility. A little anger that builds into resentment and poisons relationships with people and God - and sometimes health, as well.

Some people mistakenly believe that God is only concerned with the “big” issues such as famine and war. While He does care about those issues, and expects us to be part of the solutions, He is also concerned with the “little” ones. Besides, all the big issues originated as little ones. So I encourage you, along with myself, to give God all the big and little issues of our lives.

[email jan] Janice P. Moser

All scripture references are from the NASB unless otherwise noted.

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