[CF Devotionals] 2014-08-03 - The First Commandment


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Today, we start with the first of the Ten Commandments. This one seems to be one of the clearest and the most self-evident. Therefore, our focus will be on how to make it relevant, since most of us are not into polytheism. "I am the Lord; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols.” Isaiah 42:8 ESV.

Exodus 20, verses 1-2: Before we get into the commandment proper, there are a couple of introductory verses to the passage. They are the Lord's own introduction to the Commandments, as He gives them to the nation Israel. He reminds them Who He is. It is on the basis that He is God, that He gives the Law. It is his unique relationship with the Hebrews, that was the foundation of the formal legal system. He reminded them He was the one Who brought them out of slavery in Egypt, and their response to Him should therefore be based on what they knew of Him.

It is all the Lord is, that is the basis of our fellowship with Him. Our focus is to be on Him, not ourselves, if we truly desire to walk as the Lord would have us. It is therefore the issue of who God is, that makes up the underlying framework of the first commandment.

To be continued.

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