[CF Devotionals] 2014-12-15 - What Would an Orphan say?

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Psalm 68:4-7

I want the Lord to prove His words. It states that he is "a father to the fatherless" and "God sets the lonely in families" (verses 5-6). That's me. Can the Lord tuck me in at night from His Heavenly throne? Will He help when I'm hungry? How will He protect me from hurtful words?

I know He'll be a good listener. I have lots of questions. For instance, what does God love about me? He says I'm His daughter, but everyone is His child. What sets me apart?

I want to matter and not just to anyone-someone important. And God seems to be an important One. I want a father who will comfort and advise me. Does God have time for that? There aren't any applicants for fatherhood pounding on my door so I'm willing to give God a chance. I pray I am not disappointed.

To think I will have a father who will take away my loneliness. Okay, God I am ready to start. I want Your words to be real in my life. I am ready for a family, even if it is a family of two-me and You.

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