[CF Devotionals] 2015-03-06 - The Crud

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Last week, I came down with the crud, as did both of my boys. This week, as we continue to recover, my wife now has the crud - full -blown. My case of the crud started the week before, as a little bit of an allergy issue, and then it worsened. For me, it wound up presenting itself as sinusitis and bronchitis; those are fancy ways of saying I had a sinus infection that had slipped down into my chest. The doctor even said had I waited a day more, it likely would've become pneumonia. That sounded pretty bad – a little case of the crud in my nose almost sent me to the hospital. The rest of my family was spared from it getting quite as bad, I think, because we were more diligent on staying on top of it. Evidently, admitting someone else needs a doctor, is an easier pill to swallow. One son just had a sinus infection, and the other had a double ear infection on top of that. My wife has one ear infection, and her sinuses are infected, as well. The crud impacted each of us differently.

Well that's all well and good - but what the heck does the crud have to do with a devotional? Aren't these supposed to be spiritual and Jesus-y? I don't think that's a word, but work with me here; after all, I'm still recovering from the crud. Well, here's where I'm going - sin is the ultimate case of the crud.

Just as the crud started in my family with me, sin started in mankind with one person. The crud spread, and so does sin. Sin is never content with just one little corner of our lives. Sin will consume that corner of your life, and then it will reach its slimy, sickening hands out into other areas and spread its deadly poison all over your life. No amount of sin is truly contained or controlled; if you think it is, you are deceiving yourself. Sin, like the crud, will spread until it is diagnosed and destroyed. Just as there is a readily available cure for the crud (this time it was amoxicillin), there is also a cure for sin - the blood of Jesus shed at Calvary. Jesus is the only cure for the crud of sin. Here the analogy breaks down a bit, because you can be fully cured of an infection, and then have it come back. We can never be sinless this side of Heaven, but if we continually follow the wise Doctor Jesus' advice, and wrap ourselves in his healing spirit, then we can sin less.

Ask Jesus to diagnose the sin in your life and to cure it. Don't wait until it conquers your whole life.


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All scripture references from NIV (New International Version) unless otherwise noted

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