[CF Devotionals] 2016-02-28 - Habakkuk

Dialogues ~ 1:12-2:1

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We have seen the first of a series of dialogues between Habakkuk and God. In the first, Habakkuk is frustrated by God’s apparent lack of action in dealing with the sin and injustice rampant in Judea.

God, in turn, tells Habakkuk He has every intention of acting. What He was going to do is to let Babylon, a vile nation, bring destruction and suffering to the sinful Judea.

Habakkuk made his complaint, and God gave his response. Nevertheless, as we will see, it appears He wasn’t satisfied with God’s answer. He sees some new problems. So now we move into the second of Habakkuk’s laments.

As we examine Habakkuk’s words, we can see two messages. The first deals with us as members of our society. The second can be one of reassurance to us as confused humans.

  1. The Corruption of Babylon
    1. Praise God Verse 12
    2. God is Just, but … Verse 13
    3. Fishers of Men Verses 14-16
    4. Now What? Chapter 2, Verse 1

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