Calvary Chapel 2016-03-17 - In Times of Trouble

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Psalm 130:1-4

From a sea of troubles
I call out to you, Lord.
  1. Won’t you please listen
    as I beg for mercy?
  2. If you kept record of our sins,
    no one could last long.
  3. But you forgive us,
    and so we will worship you.

Reading about the time the disciples spent walking with Jesus through this world hold many moments that are snapshots in time that reflect events in our own lives. Peter catches my attention and heart on a number of occasions.

Jesus sends the disciples, many very able sailors, across the Sea of Galilee ahead of Him. While they were crossing a storm came up which turned out to be a teaching tool. Jesus came walking across the sea and caught up with the boat. At first they feared Jesus was a ghost. Once the Lord had assured His friends Peter asked Jesus to call him to meet Jesus on the water. Jesus called Peter and he stepped out of the boat and walked some unspecified distance on the water approaching Jesus. Matt 22:30-31 (CEV) says that Peter saw the wind and became frightened, and began to sink. Jesus rescued his friend and said to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” They returned to the boat and storm stopped after they climbed in.

Peter's faith to climb out of the boat in the middle of a storm and believe Jesus' call to come against what his senses and experience told him is amazing. We have no idea how far he walked toward the Messiah, but clearly it happened. Peter's doubting is probably the far more understandable part of the story to us.

David asks the Lord to hear his plea for mercy. He was more than aware that he was undeserving, but also knew the mercy God had granted David in the past. In faith David reached out to God for help and worships Him. David points all Israel to God's kindness and redemption.

Many of us have lived through storms and trials. It is said that we learn more walking through the valleys than standing on the mountaintops. Peter and David both had many mountaintop experiences and walked through many valleys. They both reached out and found the Lord to be faithful and true. While it's not easy to see that in the middle of our storms, I hope we will lay hold of them as the skies clean and the seas calm - and remember to be thankful for His mercy, faithfulness and love.


Jesus - Thank You for everything that You do for me. Holy Spirit thank You for never leaving my side in the valleys and the storms of life. Lord your lessons are often clearer in hindsight. May I never lose sight of them or fail to acknowledge your great kindness. Amen.

Grace & Peace,

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All verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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