[CF Devotionals] 2016-04-11 - What Would Ziba Say?

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2 Samuel 16:1-4, 19:17-18, 24-30

David then told him, “Everything that used to belong to Mephibosheth is now yours.” Ziba said, “Your Majesty, I am your humble servant, and I hope you will be pleased with me (2 Samuel 16:4 CEV)

I worked for the late King Saul, and now I am manager of the household of his grandson, Mephibosheth. One day, as the current king, King David was leaving for a trip, I told David that Mephibosheth believes the people of Israel want him to rule instead of David. King David was so angry at this prospect, that he gave me all of Mephibosheth's possessions. My plan was working out perfectly-except for one detail. I lied.

Have you ever done something you knew you'd regret, but couldn't stop yourself? That's where I was. I wanted to show myself 110% faithful to King David. I knew Mephibosheth would be displeased, and might tell the king I was lying, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

Mephibosheth naturally denied his royal intentions. Mephibosheth spoke the truth; he is very loyal to King David. Mephibosheth went on to say that he'd accept any conclusion or action the king deemed appropriate. The king wasn't exactly sure who was lying. So he ordered us to divide the land between the two of us. Mephibosheth didn't want the land. He surrendered the land to me; he was just glad the king returned home safely.

My relationship with Mephibosheth wasn't the same after this, but who cares. I got the land! It works great for my large family, 15 sons!

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