[CF Devotionals] 2016-05-17 - Whatever Happened to Sin?

Originally Published 1997-07-16

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Every parent knows what I mean here - you're in a store with your child, and that wonderful little bundle of joy starts screaming and hollering. What does the parent do? Do we become happy that our beautiful child has such wonderful lungs? No. Not at all. We become embarrassed and dismayed.

Or how about when our youngster reaches the age of being able to go and do all by himself, and the store manager calls because our little darling wanted that candy bar, but didn't want to pay for it? Are we delighted that she was so inventive as to just stick it in her pocket? No. Again, we become embarrassed and dismayed.

Why is this? Because that child represents us. The way we've raised him. The things we've taught her. In a way, that child is us. When a child does something wrong, it puts a blemish on our names, because we are the upbringers.

So it is with God's children. We represent Him. When we call Him Lord, we acknowledge His Mastery over our lives.

And yet, how often do we think of this, when traffic is piled up and we become impatient? How often do we remember His words when we just have to tell the latest and greatest on Joe Blow? Is His calling the first thing we think of, when we hit our thumb with the hammer?

Usually not. And yet - we are His representatives. Everything we say and do reflects His presence in our lives.

We are ambassadors for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So put on your royal robes, and remember that we live each day and every moment under His grace.

My Dear Father, so many times I fail You. How often, my Lord, do I forget who I am in You when trials and circumstances come my way? More often than I wish. And yet, Lord, in Your patience, You forgive me and give me the opportunity to try again to get it right. Help me, God to "just DO it" today. Guard my lips, guide my steps, O Lord be a lamp unto my path and a light unto my feet today. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Christ. Thank You for giving me another chance, when I least deserve it. Amen

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