[CF Devotionals] 2016-06-13 - When Disaster Strikes

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Job 1:6-21, 2:9-3:1, 42

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21)

Job was a man of blessings, health, and God’s protection. Satan said Job just praised God because God provided for him. The devil believed once the blessings were taken away, Job would stop praising God and curse Him instead. The Lord knew Job better than Satan did. God wanted to prove the devil wrong, so God released His favor from Job. Job lost his children, property, health, and possessions - in essence, the livelihood to which he’d been accustomed.

Job’s wife sided with Satan, and suggested that Job curse God. Job didn’t agree, and told her that a person shouldn’t just accept the good in life - but also the bad. A week later, three friends came to visit Job to try to comfort him. When they saw Job, they cried for the sickness changed his appearance. Job was in pain, and although he didn’t directly curse God, he cursed the day he was born (Job 3:1) and wished he were dead. Job succumbed to self-pity, depression, and questioned and blamed God. He let the present situation get the best of him. He missed the time God was on his side, when he had his children, his health, and God’s blessings.

It was only when Job changed his heart toward God, and let go of his self-absorbed attitude, that things started to change in Job’s life. In the end, he was more prosperous than before. He went on to have more children and watched them and his grandchildren grow up.

My experience with disaster came upon me all at once, like it did Job. It seemed my home and health were attacking my checkbook and me. A microwave exploded, a clothes dryer, and then blender needed maintenance assistance. I had an abscessed tooth and accidentally sprained my wrist, all within weeks of each other. I wondered what had I done to deserve this. Had I not spent enough time with God, and this is how He is repaying me?

God isn’t One to bring calamity to punish us. Could it be I was similar to Job, and that God knew I could handle the attacks coming my way? It’s an encouraging thought, to think the Lord believes I can handle the challenge. I relied on primitive living skills while the microwave, blender, and clothes dryer were incapacitated. I went through the joys of a root canal and eventually, (two doctor visits later) my wrist was on the mend. It was frustrating, and on a given day I wondered what else would go wrong. I never stopped asking for God’s intervention. Once I started to turn my attention to the things in life that weren’t broken, the inconveniences were just that temporary, and I survived. I still kept an eye out for other calamities, just in case!

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