[CF Devotionals] 2016-09-05 - Unknown Strength

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The other day, my daughter asked her dad to participate in her school's upcoming career day. When he told her he'd be nervous, she lovingly said. "Don't worry. I'll be there."

Her sweet sentiment reminded me that it's true; we aren't alone, when we are nervous. God is present. True - we can't see His face in the crowd, but we have just as much assurance that He is there, to encourage us when we feel like giving up.

Worry is hard to escape. It's been the center of many plots of books and television shows. Psalm 91 reminds us that we are safe in God's presence. We don't have to fear danger, as He saves us from hidden traps. (verses 3-4) God is our protection. He is the most high place of safety. For God has assigned His angels to guard us, wherever we go. (verses 9, 11)

Lord, Thank You that You created me to be myself, and not be afraid of people. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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