[CF Devotionals] 2016-10-24 - God's Strength

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When we are faced with gloom, perhaps the question isn’t "do I like or dislike my current situation," but "do I feel equipped to handle it?" If the answer is no, thankfully we do not have to fix it on our own. In order to accomplish what is on our plate, we need the Lord’s strength; that is the prerequisite.

Take a look at the following men from the Bible. These five didn’t have a glamorous life, void of problems and dangerous situations. They were in uncharted territory, having to make the right decisions, just as we do.

  • Moses faced his fear of public speaking, when he confronted Pharaoh, a vicious and undependable ruler. The Lord guided Moses into bringing His people out of oppression in Egypt.

  • Joshua saw many battles and battlefields in his lifetime. He and the Israelites fought to reclaim their land. Only when they put their strength and faith in God, were they victorious.

  • Gideon had no experience as a leader, but he went on to become a military leader. He waited on the Lord before making any decisions.

  • David relied on God’s power, when matched against an unlikely and more powerful opponent, Goliath the giant.

  • Paul, a servant for the Lord, had to squelch personal attacks and lies spread against his character.

No matter if we fail or succeed, God is there, even if in the distance. We ought to breathe calmly and think rationally. God offers unfailing love and deliverance. (Psalm 130:7) He is ready to lend a hand, when we ask and trust Him to be our guide and helpmate.

Lord, I pray that You will provide me the strength to not just get through the day, but to enjoy it.

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