[CF Devotionals] 2017-02-14 - Thankful for Centipedes

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People who know me well are aware that there aren't many things I fear, and among those, not many that I detest more than multi-legged insects such as centipedes and millipedes. Unfortunately, when they built our house, they evidently dislodged a community of those as well as scorpions, and sometimes they decide to make their abode in ours. When Richard was paralyzed last year, we had what I called our Plague of 'Pedes. Normally, we have a deal; I am happy to eradicate the bees to which Richard is allergic, while he handles the creepy-crawlies. But while he was bedbound, it was all up to me. Either I was going to do it, or it wouldn't be done! So I mustered up my courage and killed them. And killed them. And killed them. This went on for about a month, going on a year.

Fast forward to 2017. Richard is relaxing on the sofa, enjoying a DVD of the old Perry Mason Show, when he suddenly jumps up and does the "trying to shake a bug off" dance. I knew it was something icky, so my reflexitively body froze up, and the adrenaline started flowing. We had yet another centipede. Make no mistake. They still terrorize me, especially the thought we might have a visit while we are asleep! But I was so very thankful that he was able to get up and throw off the centipede, then to send it to meet its Maker!! So I find myself in the odd situation of being thankful, because that Centipede brought out a thankful spirit in me, due to Richard's normal response to it.

I wouldn't be honest if I said I was thankful for Richard's Guillain-Barre Syndrome itself, and I will always wish he hadn't had to go through that. I'm just being honest. But I am thankful for the 95% recovery, and that he is able to do 99% of his normal activities, including being the Dragon …er 'Pede slayer. And I am thankful for any way that our experiences can benefit anyone else going through a myelin sheath-related illness, or any life-changing illness, for that matter.

Though we can't always (or even rarely) be thankful for a situation, we still can find things for which to be thankful, related to that situation.

Psalm 100:4 The Message (MSG)
Enter with the password: “Thank you!”
  Make yourselves at home, talking praise.
  Thank him. Worship him.

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