[PC-USA] 2017-03-14 - Eavesdropping

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When I read about the CIA being able to spy on people via their Smart TVs or Smart Phones, I wasn't surprised. When Richard was installing our own Smart TV last year, I realized that with Internet capabilities, it was a two-way street, and wondered if bad guys would take advantage of it - as they eventually do, with any clever and convenient invention. For crime safety purposes, he never connected ours to the Internet. But when I thought about it after reading about in the news, I realized the intelligence agencies would be bored, if they ever eavesdropped on us. Since our iPhones are connected, I was thankful that we don't have anything to hide, because nowadays, sometimes there are no secrets!

This made me think of how it is with God. In a matter of speaking, He is always eavesdropping on us.

Psalm 139:2 (MSG) I’m an open book to you;
   even from a distance, you know what I’m thinking.

If we say something that should never come out of our mouths, God hears it - because He is right there in the room, and He doesn't even need a mic! ; ) If we go somewhere we shouldn't, He sees us and is with us. If we lose patience with someone, He knows it. He sees, hears and knows everything, and we need to remind ourselves of that often. If we are doing or saying something and the Holy Spirit brings it to our minds, we should stop and ask ourselves if we remember that God is listening and watching. Another poignant question would be "how would I feel, if my pastor, spouse, Sunday School teacher, grandmother, or ____(Fill in the blank someone whose opinion matters to me_____) could hear or see me right now?

Our behavior should always be impeccable.

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