[PC-USA] 2020-05-20 - Trustworthy

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As I worked on a few chores around the yard, my suspicions were confirmed of a Robin that made a nest in the honeysuckle vine on our trellis, at the back corner of the house. As the pair of nest owners guarded and retrieved food for their young, I found myself getting a stern talking to by one of them from our neighbor's roof which is parallel to the nesting zone. As Sophia on Golden Girls would say, ”Picture it!“ From inside my small fenced area, over the ranch style gate topper, I could see one of the robins with a worm secured in its beak. With the nourishment pinned above its tongue, yet still able to shoot out a curt squawk, the robin was hopping up and down with a vehement sort of courtesy flapping its wings-just near its tail- while its talons gripped the shingles at the peak of the roof. This went on for at least a minute. The message was clearer than a game of charades among peers with whom I speak the same language, ”back off lady!“ When the bird began begging my attention, I had walked away from the steel latticework covered with the climbing shrub, to the other side of the gate onto the walkway leading to the shed. Noticing the call continuing, I acknowledged the rusty-breasted feathered friend and assured him I would remain still. When my plea proved ineffectual, I then backed away slowly into the shed, and waited until the little one(s) received a mid-afternoon snack, before finishing up my work and going inside. The bird needed more than my words, to believe I meant no harm-it needed me to show what I meant with my actions. I needed to prove I was trustworthy.

Similarly, we must show that we are trustworthy as stewards of God’s word through our actions as well as our shared thoughts. (1 Corinthians 4:1-5) If we mean what we say, then our behavior should reflect those thoughts. If we do so, then we may gain the trust of others and find opportunities, over time, to share more of what we have learned in God’s word. With that comes peace and encouragement, which is God’s signature. (Romans 14) And sometimes, like with the robin basically telling me, ”show me, don’t tell me!“ you must step back and quietly await the other to make the next move toward God. We can share His truth, but God is responsible for making it clear (1 Corinthians 3). Until the spirit settles in, it is as if you are speaking another language, like me talking to the robin. ”Show them, don’t just tell them.“ Show them that your God is faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9).

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