[Calvary Chapel] 2020-08-13 - Those Who are Merciful

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Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Seven times in Matthew chapter 5 the word Blessed is used at the start of an explanation of why someone could be blessed.

In the current days there are many people who have lost the desire to be merciful. They have no care for the people they meet who are either in need of a helping hand, or who have been wronged or are in desperate need. Sadder still those who will do harm to others because they somehow justify this in their minds.

There have been times like this from the time of Jesus and before that. During the time of Noah God decided that mankind had become so very corrupt that the had to be destroyed. I remember reading that passage stunned in shock that God would do that. Slowly seeing how the people had become so self-centered and violent they were blind to the harm and greed they spread. Only Noah and his family were seen by God to be spared. They were shown mercy.

Noah would try to reach out to the people in town who mocked him for building a massive ship in a place that had never seen rain. How would this huge pile of lumber ever float? Not an unrealistic question, but there was an answer that Noah tried to share. That was beyond them accepting. Sad.

Part 1:Author's note: Please read the "Critically Important section too!" As God's sons and daughters we have a call to be merciful. I have a cousin who's heart is open to help people and animals in trouble. She has been called at 3:00am from someone who needs to go to the emergency room. She has been called for kittens or other animals that have been left abandoned in very cold nights found in a cold ditch by friends driving by who knew my cousin would throw on clothes and jump into her vehicle and meet them with towels to dry them and a warmed car or truck to stop them from shuttering. They were taken back to some place warm with food to rest. Or stay with the people at the hospital until they were known to be safe in good hands.

How many of us are willing to go that far? It can take an effort to put your needs aside to reach out to someone else, especially if they are not people you know and trust. To be like Noah and still reach out to people who mocked him. There are situations that are dangerous where more caution and thought would be required.

Critically Important: This is where risk needs to be considered. My wife knows a lady who stopped on a highway to help someone who had a flat tire. She was beaten almost to death by the people she intended to help. They robbed her and drove away with some of her belongings and left her for dead. She was mercifully found by a State Trooper who immediately called for a medical helicopter and crew to come and get her. It would have been safer, and still showing mercy, to get the license plate and call for the State Troopers with location and description.

Our Savior Jesus saw the danger mankind was in and allowed Himself to be taken as a prisoner, called guilty in a mock trial, suffered beatings to the point where His face was no longer recognizable, and through it all and more he was nailed to a cross to take our place. God's only Son showed us mercy we might never be able to completely understand in this life.

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All verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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