[PC-USA] 2020-08-19 - The The Hope of Healing

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“For in hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what is seen? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” (New Oxford Annotated Bible. New Revised Standard Edition with Apocrypha, 2007)

At the end of last week, our pup and I did one of her usual rounds of playing downstairs in our basement. It is a nice carpeted corridor between the stairwell and the bathroom. It is perfect for times of inclement weather and extreme temperatures, and so we are very grateful she can still get physical exercise in this indoor space. After the round concluded, we did our usual routine and went upstairs for her to get water. That is when I noticed her with a slight limp. She sometimes plays with reckless abandon, and has had split nails, broken off nails, scratches on her legs and even once or twice had a paw pad injury. After those experiences, we have been as diligent as possible in safeguarding her from having a recurrence of any of the same injuries. With that in mind, I looked at her right front paw and lower leg and found nothing visibly noticeable, and I was perplexed. She rested, and the next afternoon, we did what, for her, is a very light movement exercise to see if there was any improvement. To both of our dismay, it was not any better. She often looks fine while playing-likely due to the adrenalin rush she gets when doing what she loves so much-yet it is always clear when she concludes, whether she is truly fine or not. She was limping more than the day before. So for forty-eight hours, we followed a canine sprained knee protocol. Beyond that, we should have her doctor check the leg. She was not happy, but I had very high hopes that taking it easy would give her relief. At first, she had no problem with it, because she was truly in pain. After she was beginning to feel better, we just did some walking around the house and some training exercises to take her mind off what we were not going to be doing. Her mind getting exercise with mild physical movement was helpful. We then took a short car ride, and she was able to use her sense of smell for another manner of exercise in the meantime, too. I was helping her wait for her expectation of the next appointed time of ball play to return. And she hoped for it every time we went past the basement door, after feeling better, but the timing needed to include patience-me being her proxy in that decision, as the main caregiver to her.

When we know God as the author of our salvation, we have entrusted him as the caregiver of our souls. We agreed - upon accepting him into our hearts — that we believe in the return to the one who made us, coming at the conclusion of this journey. When we struggle in the flesh along the way, he promises that the spirit will guide according to his will. (Romans 8:26,27) We cannot always see or feel the hope of God’s promise, yet when we believe it with our mind and ask for him to guide us, we still have hope. I can think of many times, even when not feeling hopeful, that the spirit must be working in me because I do not want to give up-no matter what the circumstances. Since a very young age, it seems I was led by the overflowing of hope found in Romans 15:13 (CSB). And even as I have been trying to write this, there have been distractions from outside of the house that have briefly taken my mind off my train of thought. Through the trouble and hardship of the moments (Romans 8:35) I learned something unexpected that inspired another topic to write about-so I am grateful for it. So long as I can take each part of the process of living and find a chance to give glory to God and fulfill his will for his purpose through me, it is worth it. The wait. The patience while we wait. The hope of a risen savior-by his wounds (seen and unseen) we are healed. (1 Peter 2:23-25, NIV) What can be better? Ms. Melody returns to catching tennis balls. We all return to our creator. Win, win!

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