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While helping my husband get some questions typed up for a class, I learned several unexpected things. Some were concepts about various aspects of vehicle electrical systems - I was reminded there is much to learn, no matter what stage of life we are in or knowledge we currently have. While practicing my typing, I discovered how mundane and monotonous tools may often seem - reminding me how much I have taken for granted the work that goes into preparing the quizzes and tests that are designed to enrich our minds. Some of the possible answers to posed questions and a few typos in the book made me giggle - reminding me that even amid what seems mundane, bright spots and humor can still be found. Nearing the end of this assignment I accepted, I had mixed feelings of inadequacy, typing in an unfamiliar format as well as satisfaction of serving in a way that could be a blessing.

Have you taken on a job recently, to be of service? If you did, how did it make you feel? If you chose to say, “I’ll have to pass this time,”\, was it because you could not fulfill the duty, or you were afraid to try? Now, while I have seen and been in situations where too much was taken on, I must not let people take advantage of my servant’s heart. Still, I need to consult God in making decisions that may have been a calling for my obedience to Him. With the help of the one who formed our souls, and put them into the womb of our mothers (Jeremiah 1:5) -giving us the breath of life - this is from where our thoughts of service should come. God sets the example by humbly and lovingly awaiting us to ask for his guidance.

Here are a couple of questions to ask, based on scripture, to use in prayer asking about our next step when an opportunity comes along. The goal -as one of his children - should always be to honor and glorify our maker.

1) Is this service opportunity an area in which you are gifted and enjoy spending time? God has given each of us the gifts we need, to complete the path he has set for us (Romans 12:6-8; I Corinthians Chapter 12). In those explanations, Paul also shares that God does not want us to try and do all things in which we are not gifted; otherwise, it would be like a body that is made up completely of eyes, hands, feet, etc. Each gift has a part within the spiritual body of Christ. It also does not mean that we should do only one thing, but instead allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit (Romans 15:13). His instructions on how to do as he has asked are intended to bring joy - to Him, to us, and to those we reach for Him (Psalm 19:8)

2) What drives you in service to the Almighty God? The goal set before us by example of Jesus is serving God and following the commands, laws, statues, and precepts (Psalm 119) along with the teachings of Christ-truth in love and sacrificing self, all point to the potential for salvation upon acceptance (James 1:22-25). But we cannot serve God and the world simultaneously - we must choose and act accordingly or we are still enslaved by the flesh and not operating in the Spirit (Matthew 6:24; Timothy Chapter 6).

My goal, since accepting Christ, is following his will in my service, and giving back the love that has been given to me. Along the journey I have found unspeakable joy(I Peter 1:8), sorrow which had me learn that Jesus also wept (John 11:35), along with the range of emotions each one of us grapple with along the way. We were told that the trials are not over when we accept life as a believer, but we are given the tools to manage them and help others do the same-if we are unstable in our thoughts and behaviors we can cause others to miss their opportunity to know healing and salvation (James 1:2-8, 12). Our questions do not have to end because we believe in something much bigger than ourselves, yet we have the opportunity to keep learning about our creator and what he has in store for us as we share our own experiences with others who may need to be drawn to him through our joys and sorrows. We may not know all the answers now, but things will become crystal clear the moment God’s plan comes full circle. After all, Moses was afraid of what God called him to do with speeches and the recording of the ten commandments- in preparation for delivering the Israelites out of the hands of Pharaoh in Egypt. Moses’s story, particularly his concern over his stammering of speech and its potentially causing attention to be drawn away from God and his majesty and glory, encourages me. God helped his child through a physical weakness, took the focus off the man, and redirected it onto the one who created the man- showing his intent of returning his people to the promised land. God helped me as his child -in like manner-once only able to read these words you see in reverse order (reverse dyslexia) into a servant who has been given the joyful gift of writing. And that is just one of many ways I have been helped in overcoming weaknesses like all of us have-knowing Christ or not. I am so grateful for the gift of forgiveness and the strength of my heavenly Father. He repeatedly shows his love for me by way of an aptitude that was once considered a potential topic for ridicule. My weakness is now used for his Glory. Keep asking your questions faithfully and he will give you what you need-every time. He is the promised land and wants to share it with his people.

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