[CF Devotionals] 2020-08-29 - Wanring from God

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Luke 24:25 (NIV) Jesus said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!”

Recently, a major hurricane approached the Gulf Coast of America. For over a week, meteorologists warned of the dangers associated with this storm. Computer models even showed where the hurricane would make landfall. Warnings were issued. Yet some people ignored the alerts and stayed put. Their lives were in danger. This past week, we heard a Cuban refugee speak urgently about how concerned he is for our country, because he said the Socialism proponents are using the same language he and his family heard from Castro before they had to flee, words like redistribution of wealth, and that Castro denied being a Socialist or Communist and denied being anything but a Catholic even though there was oppression of Christians in Cuba. He emphasized how we must all stand up for our current freedoms of choice about so many things and his voice was breaking as he spoke. Yet 40% of Americans recently polled believe Socialism is a good thing for our country. Through our childhoods and youth, most of our parents warned us of things we should do or should avoid and usually if we did not listen we regretted it. We humans tend to underestimate dangers and ignore warnings.

This reaction is nothing new. The Bible is full of stories of people who ignored God’s warnings. God sent numerous prophets to tell the nation of Israel that they needed to repent and turn back to Him. Later during the time of Jesus, John the Baptist was sent to preach repentance.. God even sent His Son to spread the good news. Instead of listening to Jesus, they crucified him with the mob insisting that Jesus should be killed.

What warnings are God sending to us today? Are we willing to listen and change our ways? It has always been vital but more than ever, we need to be in daily prayer and Bible study.

[email richard] Richard Moser, Jr


All scripture references are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.

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