[Calvary Chapel] 2020-11-05 - Sure of Their Plans

Prov 6:31 Yet if he is caught, he must pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house.

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During the counting of votes in America's 2020 Election that included the two candidates running for the Presidency there appears to have been a problem where some of those voting were given pens that would provide an ink that would not be correctly counted by the machines that read the ballots and count the information. Some are certain the switch from one type of pen away from a regular ink pen was intentional to skew the results for their state in favor of one of the candidates. The Federal Attorney General is said to have given a phone number to call if some finds ballots that are improperly marked.

Proverbs speaks of the price a person caught in stealing will be significant. If the ballots have been deliberately been made to be unreadable to their scanning machines that read the ballots in an effort to tamper the results those responsible will pay a serious penalty for their actions. In the end their plans could catch them instead of their plans working for their ill-intended ideas.

It's true of many things where getting caught is a risk. Some think because they don't believe God is real that they can do what they want to do and get away with it. Even if they do not suffer here in this life they will either be in the line on one side or the other as the God renders His verdict for or against them. There will be no pardon unless they know the Lord Jesus as their Savior. When we have walked off the straight and narrow path we have the opportunity to repent and turn away from our sin. I have had a friend refuse to even discuss Eternity and Jesus when he was near death. He would only say he was a Scientist and would not discuss something that he could not see, touch or taste. He left this life sure in his wisdom. We have the best news we can offer anyone. If we can bring it to them when they are willing to chat, or when God has touched their hearts and minds with questions they may be more open to hear the ideas we have for them.

Selah Think about it!

Grace & Peace,

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All verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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