[Papercut Press Publishing]A Little Nuclear Holocaust to Brighten Your Day

2 Thessalonians 2:16...good hope through grace...

I am old enough to remember the cold war. I remember in high school, in the 80's, classmates would have an honest fear about getting bombed. A lot of them got bombed every weekend, as it is in most high schools. As I have watched the news over the last couple of weeks I have noticed the nuclear threat to crop back into the mainstream picture. Seems like a couple of countries are exercising their muscle. It has reminded me of how I dealt with the nuclear threat emotionally and intellectually years ago.

I read my Bible and it tells me that my Lord Jesus Christ is one day to return. My thinking goes further and says, when Christ returns, there needs to be something here for Him to return to. Therefore even though we have the capability to annihilate ourselves, this will not happen, because Jesus must return. It is really simple, but it has worked for me for over ten years. I can now worry about other things, like getting my oil changed, getting enough exercise, or making sure my zipper is up.

In a glass-half-empty world, my glass is half full. Alive or dead, I trust Christ will return and bring me to glory. This makes a lot of the 'this and that' of life seem really pitiful. Why lose it over little things when I have such a glorious hope? Hope is what the Christian lives for.

Christian hope both supports us in our troubles and encourages us as we press on in life. The voyage of life might be titanic-like for many Christians, but hope makes the journey short. The tempests of life will soon lead to the shores of safety. If you would ponder one thought today: Think of Psalm 119:49, "Remember your word unto your servant, In which you have caused me to hope." The word of hope that we are to trust is from God Himself. God would not invite us to hope in His Word in order to disappoint us. Surely God has caused us to hope so that we might be encouraged and established. When we have God's Word and a well-grounded hope, the check is not in the mail, it is in the hand.

Gospel hope can be a great advantage to us. Gospel hope can be our guide when all the lights seem to be off. Gospel hope can sustain us firm among the roughest storms of life. Nuclear holocaust? I find I have little time to think about it … I'm over occupied by basking in the glow of the real bomb, The Son of God.

"There can be no hope without faith in Christ, for hope is rooted in him alone. Faith without hope would, by itself, be empty and futile." Ernst Hoffmann

Soli Deo Gloria,