[Christian Fellowship] 1998-06-06 - Spend Wisely

The Virtuous Woman Series, Part 5

Proverbs 31:14 - "She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar."

My favorite words are, "It's on sale!" Add a coupon or two, and I am in heaven on earth. For those who haven't yet found this site, go to http://www.hotcoupons.com, there are all kinds of coupons, including pizza, haircuts, grocery stores, etc.

Merchant ships sailed from port to port, buying and trading goods. The captains of the ships were not only arted sailors, they also had "money-sense". They spent their gold wisely, and searched out the best bargains.

It's the same way today. We have more of a variety of places to shop. From grocery stores to discount warehouses, garage sales, roadside stands, thrift stores and bargain basements.

Sometimes, cheaper isn't better, though. A pair of dime store tennies could very well be worth a dime. Sometimes you have to pay more to get better quality. I (myself) think that spending $10 a month on shoes isn't very smart when I can spend $45 twice a year for my son's feet, he doesn't wear his better shoes out as much (I DO refuse to spend more that).

The Proverbs 31 woman isn't a "Super-Woman". But so far, it seems to me like she has all the tools to get the job done efficiently.

Shop around. Find the best quality at the best prices. Have a list when you go and your coupons in hand. Know how much you are going to spend before you leave your house. You'll surprise yourself with how much you can save for your family.

"Father, thank you for all of things you have been teaching me. Thank you for wise friends and a computer to check things out. Thank you for technology to let my fingers do the walking sometimes. Thank you for a car that runs. Lord, thank You most of all for being who you are. I love you. Amen"