[Christian Fellowship] 1998-08-01 - No Darkness in This Domain

The Virtuous Woman Series, Part 11

Proverbs 31:18b - Her candle goeth not out by night

So far, we have looked at this excellent woman of God and seen that she puts the Lord God first in all she does. We've seen that everything she does reflects Him. We've seen that she takes care of the needs of her family before herself. We've seen that she's not wasteful and is wise with her spending.

Today, we'll look at another concept from the Perfect Woman.

Something we need to understand though, before looking at this is that in Ancient Bible times, there was no electricity. That candle was their only source of light. No outlets conveniently stuck into a wall, no switches. They had candles and lamps to lighten their homes.

In Matthew, Jesus told a story about ten virgins. Five were wise and five were foolish.

The wise virgins kept their lamps trimmed and filled with oil. The foolish didn't pay attention to their lamps. All 10 were awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom. It grew dark and they all fell asleep.

At midnight, the cry went out that bridegroom was coming. Awakening, the 5 foolish virgins realized they needed oil, but it was too late! The wise virgins couldn't help them, otherwise they wouldn't have enough for themselves. The foolish women had to go find someone who would sell them the oil at that late hour. When they arrived back, it was too late, the bridegroom had come, and they were left out.

Because they weren't prepared.

The Woman that we have been examining IS prepared. She knows that night will fall. She knows that if she doesn't pay attention to the condition of her oil, that it could go out. SO, she plans ahead.

There's a spiritual side to this, too. When the two stories about women and light are compared side by side, we see that night does fall. We see that light is needed.

The bridegroom is coming. He insists that His church, the bride, be prepared and ready for His arrival. The 11th hour is the wrong time to be going out looking for what we need. We need to be prepared now. The day is fast approaching when it will be too late.

Are you prepared? Do you know that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins when He died on the cross? Do you know that His blood was shed as a sacrifice for you? Do you know that His death was necessary as the only payment to be able to stand blameless before God the Father? If you haven't yet, would you like to know how you can receive this precious gift of salvation? E-mail me, I would love to help you.

Father, I stand before You, Lord, with my heart bowed to You. Lord, there are some people reading this today who are not prepared. Lord, some of them have been searching for You, some don't know that they don't know You. Lord, I pray for them today. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would move them as they sit there, to write. Father, You said that Today is the day of Redemption. You said that the Son of Man cometh like a thief in the night. Lord, don't let any one of these dear souls wait too late. I ask this in Your name and in the name of the Precious Lamb Who shed His blood as my sins were placed on Him. Thank You for Your grace. Thank You for Your mercy. Amen.