[Papercut Press Publishing]1999-03-27 - A Prayer Poem Written in Sickness

Sickness is a common problem for many at any given time. Here are some thoughts on sickness and a prayer poem from wiser generations.

A Prayer Poem Written in Sickness

By J. G. Hopkirk

To thee, my God, my voice I'll raise,
When pain and sickness rack my frame,
I'll sing my great Creator's praise,
And call upon His holy name.

'Twas He who form'd this throbbing heart,
His power bestow'd this fleeting breath,
'Tis His to wield affliction's dart,
'Tis His to point the shaft of death.

To Him does fair Creation turn,
Her King, her Master, and her Lord;
Those splendid orbs that o'er us burn,
Proofs of His mighty power afford.

Shall I, presumptuous, dare to span
His power, who made yon orb of day?
And, shall his feeblest creature, man
Repine beneath His gracious sway?

In humble and confiding faith,
Let me await His sov'reign will;
The only prayer to Him I breathe,
That I may be submissive still.

So, when this form shall sink to rest,
This throbbing pulse forget to play,
In Him I'll put my humble trust,
To guide me to the realms of day.

"The fact is that many of God's choicest saints are what they are today because God did not heal them." James Phillip

"I have observed it, that God's children never question his love so much as in sickness …. Sicknesses are not tokens of God's displeasure. It was the folly of Job's friends to judge of him by his calamity." Thomas Manton

"If cures were to be found for every illness ever known, it would make no essential difference. We should be sick, mad and blind as long as we allowed ourselves to be wholly preoccupied with hopes and desires of this world." Malcolm Muggeridge

Soli Deo Gloria,

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