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 What Do You Mean?
[What does it mean to be Saved?] What is this "saved" thing?

Saved? What does that really mean? And, saved from what? If you have a few minutes, this is an excellent explanation just for you. Click on the icon above to start.

 Who is Jessus? Does God Care?
If nothing else ever comes of your visit here and you never return to this site, we want to ask you "Who is Jesus?" Some will say that He is a good man or teacher, others say He is a lunatic, and others believe His claim to be God in human flesh. Jesus made the claim on several occasions to be God, and so it would be hard to call Him a good man if He were either a liar or so terribly deceived as to make such a statement. If He were a lunatic, He deserves our pity and heartfelt sorrow for His condition. But, if He is who He claims to be, then He should be a person we must come to grips with personally. We pray that you will search for Him with an open heart and mind.

We write these pages every day to help those who already believe, those who are seeking answers and those who don't believe to understand better. We encourage you to write if you find something that is not clear. What God has done for us means enough that we want to share it with anyone who will hear. We don't get paid. This is on our own time. We're here for you.

What about all the "Thou shalt not..." stuff you remember hearing about?

The Bible is not this terrible rule book, or just a list of "do"s and "don't"s. It is a letter of encouragement to each one of us. Rules against murder and stealing are pretty easy things to understand. Jesus gave us two "Thou shalt..." rules. Not tough at all: Love God, and Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Not hard to understand either. The world would be a better place if those were the rules for all of us.

What about the idea of Jesus dying for our sins?

Sin is simply disobeying God's rules, which we breifly discussed above. None of us is perfect, and we break these rules. God is perfect and can not allow imperfection in to His presenece. So that separates us from God. Nothing we can do will make us perfect again. So, Jesus came and lived a perfect life and died in our place. On the cross, the Father turned His back on Jesus because Jesus willingly took on our imperfections. He was separated from God the Father - our punishment. But that paid the penalty for sin for us. Because of that all we have to do to ask God to accept what Jesus did for us. If we can ask God to forgive us and are willing to repent (a big word for 'turn away from') of our sins, God has promised to accept us. It is that simple.

If you still have questions, there is a lot of help available. First of all, you can write to any of us. We'd love to help. Or the Internet is filled with good information on God's love and forgiveness too. Here are a few links to help start your journey.

[Jesus speaking] Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come to him, and dine with him, and he with Me [Rev 3:20 (NAS)]

God does care.

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[Harvest Logo] Harvest Fellowship & Crusades - Knowing God A Calvary Chapel Affiliate led by Pastor Greg Laurie. The Harvest Crusades are an outreach of this church. If you have questions, check the schedule for a crusade coming near you and go. There will be people there who will spend whatever time it takes with you to answer those questions.

[BGEA Logo]

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Steps to find peace with God

Billy Graham has presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who w listen for a half a century. The simple message of love and grace has never changed.

[Who is Jesus?]
He is easily among the most influential figures in history. He has been castigated as a liar, lauded as a masterful teacher of philosophy, ridiculed as a myth, and hailed as Lord and Savior.

But in the end, we each must decide for ourselves what to do with this man Jesus.
Campus Crusade for Christ has put together an interactive walk through the facets of the question: Who is Jesus?

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This page is a personal outreach of Webservants Ministries. We are a group of individuals who want only to share the gospel with the world and equip the body of Christ in growing and reaching a seeking world for Jesus Christ. If we can do anything to further assist you, or you have a reference you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a line at Blessings.