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[Nat'l Day of Prayer] The Annual National Day of Prayer
This day has been declared as the National Day of Prayer by an act of Congress. Citizens are urged to pray for America and for the people in this great nation.

Schedules, Student Info, Media Information and information on how you can get involved in helping or participating in this important event.

[Prayer Logo] The National Prayer Calendar

Now Christians have a place for prayer information on the Internet. At this web site, you will find a compilation of resources, information and hyper links to prayer sites. Late breaking news will appear on this Front Page. The grass roots prayer movement in the United States is growing. Come join us!

[Mom's In Touch] Moms In Touch International is two or more moms who meet for one hour each week to pray for their children, the school the children attend, its teachers and administrators.

The Purpose of Moms In Touch International is to intercede for our children through prayer, and to pray that our schools may be guided by biblical values and high moral standards.

Online Bibles & Commentaries
[Blue Letter Bible] Our mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected evangelical pastors and teachers.
[Koinonia House] Check References, access commentaries, search the
Koinonia House
Blue Letter Bible.
Biblical Studies Foundation Logo
Dedicated to putting quality biblical research and study materials online.
Reference Materials
[Star of David] YashaNet
A source of unfiltered information from Israel.
Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Christian Research Instatue
The Christian Research Institute: a valuable source of materials to equip the Christian for service.
Magazines, Church Locator,  NetSearch and more.
Recognized the CF Devotionals page as a quality Christian Website
in their December 1997 Connections Newsletter.
[Sermon Central]
There are thousands of new sermons and outlines. And you will find over 13,000 full text sermons and sermon outlines, all indexed by Bible chapter in an easy to use interface. Hundreds of pastors, teachers, and counselors visit Sermon Central every day, to share their solid, bible-based sermons, to get some input, to participate in the synergy of the Body of Christ worldwide!

Contributions Welcome!

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This page is a personal outreach of Webservants Ministries. We are a group of individuals who want only to share the gospel with the lost and equip the body of Christ in growing and reaching a lost world for Jesus Christ. If we can do anything to further assist you, or you have a reference you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a line at Webservants@cfdevotionals.org. Peace.