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Important: Please Read Before Subscribing

  • Please read the following information under the "Subscribing" section first. Then send a blank email from the address you wish to subscribe to You will receive a subscription confirmation email. Please follow the instructions in order to complete the subscription process. Thank you!

  • We promise to keep your email address confidential. You will receive only the weekly studies. We value your privacy and will do whatever we can to protect it. Our privacy policies are spelled out in the FAQ page.
Subscribing - Please Read!
  • If this subscription is to go to your place of business, please make certain that the receipt of personal mail is accepted in your company's office policy. If it is not, please find an alternative free personal mailbox, such as or Some office policies allow for termination of employment for violation of this type of office policy. Since we all want to maintain a good witness, please be certain of your offices policy before subscribing. Thank you.
  • Please do not subscribe another person without their knowledge. We often get very upset responses from people who have been subscribed in this manner. Please use the Tell a Friend form to let them know about this resource.
  • To Subscribe: use the subscription tool at the bottom of the page, or send a blank email from the address you wish to subscribe to the Daily Devotions list, to the Prayer Warriors list, or to the Bible Study group
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What to Expect
  • When you make your subscription request, you will receive email back to the address you subscribed to the list. You will be asked to reply to the mail with a blank mail message. This is to confirm your subscription.
  • Once we have your confirmation, you will receive a welcome letter. In that letter you will be asked if you would also like to be a Prayer Warrior and receive prayer requests. If you do not wish to receive the prayer requests, simply decline. We certainly understand busy schedules and full mailboxes.
Changing Your Subscription Address
  • There is only one way to change a subscription address. Simply cancel the existing subscription from the old address and then use the subscribe directions above from the new address.
  • When you receive your confirmation mail regarding your subscription, there will be instructions there on how to unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from either the studies or the prayer warriors list, just send a blank email to for the studies list, for the Prayer Warriors list, or for the daily devotions list. This must be done from the subscribing address. Please note that if you subscribe to more than one list, you will have to unsubscribe from each list individually.

    No pressure, no hassles. If you have any problems you can write to us here and we will make sure you are removed from the list. If there is a problem that caused your decision to leave, please mention it. It may help us avoid another problem further down the road. Please specify the lists you would like to be removed from and it will be done. If we're not sure of which list or lists, we will ask you to be sure your wishes are obeyed.


If something blesses or touches you, or if something we have written troubles you, please let us know. If we have been unclear or made an error in our preparations, we would like to correct it. It is our desire to be accurate in sharing the love of God with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and with our seekers and guests too. If Jesus is able to reach out to others through us, we are already blessed.

The Webservants

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The Bibles Studies Mailing List

Please do not use this form. The mail system on our server is down. Please use the Yahoo mail addresses shown above. Thank you.

This list receives a weekly Adobe postscript (*.pdf) file in email. The studies are written by Geoff who is an ordained minister. The studies are from his class notes that he prepares for his Sunday School classes, and are indepth with questions to help you think through the material that was covered.

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For a deeper understanding of God's Word, join the Christian Fellowship Bible Studies list. Weekly insights with study questions.

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