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26 March 1999

Guests, Seekers, Skeptics & Believers Welcome

[Cross] Welcome

** Great News ** The Christian Fellowship Devotionals Website is back online and working for our subscribers and anyone who wants to walk through the Twenty-Five Years of devotional articles written my staff authors, checked by our proofreaders, and more! It so good for the help and the Lord's leading in restoring our service to those who have missed it over the last few months. Blessings to you all! And thank you for your prayers.

Would you come and share your morning break with us? If you don't get a break until late, that would be fine too. If you're curious, confused, hurting or looking for a moment of peace in your daily ritual, we have a solution for you. The free daily devotions from the Christian Fellowship Devotionals authors. They are available either by email or here at this site. The price is right, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come on and give it a try. We'd be happy to share a few minutes with you each day.

[Life Logo] What Does the Future Hold?

Eternity. Is there life after death? Is this all there is? If you have questions, we'd like to help. Jesus has your answers. Let us tell you about it. The most important question you can ask is: Who is Jesus?.

[What does it mean to be Saved?] What is this 'saved' thing you talk about?

Saved? What does that really mean? And, saved from what? If you have a few minutes, this is an excellent explanation just for you by Pastor and Teacher Alistair Begg. Click on the RealAudio® icon to start.

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